Endowments Bethesda Presbyterian Church

General Endowment Fund, Keeping the Faith Now & in Future Generations

general endowment for generationsConsistent with our mission, your Session has established a general endowment fund to provide opportunities for our members and friends to support capital projects and programs not included in our annual budget.

The general endowment fund is managed to insure donors that their support will continue beyond their lifetime. The mission of the church will be supported by this fund by providing resources for:

  • Maintenance and expansion of our physical facilities
  • Expansion of our local, national, and world-wide benevolences for needs such as: hunger, here and abroad; catastrophe; victims of floods; earthquakes; famine; aid to the needy and elderly; nursing care, temporary shelter, etc.
  • Support of local ministries and mission projects

What will this fund provide?

Financial resources to enable the church to continue support of existing programs, and expand its ministries of serving God.

How will these funds be used?

Only the income from the Endowment will be available for major capital expenditures, education, and local, national and world mission. A separate Distribution Committee is appointed annually by the Session.

The General Endowment fund is established for a specific purpose, and funds accepted by the church will only be used for this designation. Other gifts or bequests for a specific purpose must be approved by the Session.

The principal could only be borrowed, with a repayment schedule with interest, in an emergency when three-fourths of the Session and all members of the Endowment Committee agree that such a step is absolutely necessary.

How can you participate in this ministry of the church?

birthday general endowmentBy gifts of cash contributions, large or small, earmarked for the General Endowment Fund. By making a gift in memorial or tribute for a loved one. By giving a gift of securities. By contributing real property (land and/or buildings). By naming the church as the beneficiary of a life-insurance policy. By arranging for a gift in trust, naming a beneficiary for his or her lifetime, and then have the residual pass to the church upon the death of the beneficiary. By including the church in your will. By setting up an Annuity Gift Plan, providing largely tax free income during your life, with the church as the beneficiary.

For more information about this fund and other giving opportunities call the church office to arrange a meeting with one of the committee members. 910 - 944 - 1319

Endowment Fund Committee Members:

Broadus Combs, Chair
Marsha Southers
Kathleen White
Grant Martin
Connie Atwell
Vickie Auman
Ann Woodfield

Read the latest Endowment Report.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
- Winston Churchill